Knights of Columbus - 4th Degree - West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA
Chartered 1981

Chester County Assembly # 1873

All About Chester County Assembly

Assembly Formation

Membership in the Knights of Columbus was steadily growing in Chester County, that justified the need for Fourth Degree members to coordinate activities on a closer area level, rather than travel to other counties for meetings and activities. As a result a few members, at the May 1980 exemplification, indicated that a group from Chester County should form an assembly. Sir Knights William Dunleavy, Frank Hemphill, Vincent Fennell and Alfred Wissert were instrumental in the initial organizational meetings. They met with Master, William M. Harper and discussed and promoted the idea of an assembly in Chester County. Various councils in the-area were informed and extended an invitation to attend the organizational meetings.

The following are summaries of the first several meetings of the proposed new Chester County Fourth Degree Assembly.

March 18, 1981

Worthy Master, William M. Harper called the meeting to order at 8: 10 PM. The prayer was led by N. A. O'Neal, FN and the Pledge was led by John (Pete) Carney, Secretary to the Master. Various letters were read and petitions for transfer to the new assembly collected. Currently there are 83 members with another 40-45 expected.

Three names were proposed for the new assembly and a vote was taken.

Frederick H. Seidenburg, Former Master - 6 Votes

Bishop Hugh L. Lamb - 2 Votes

Chester County - 14 Votes

Various meeting nights were discussed with the First Monday being the best. Dues were proposed at $10.00 per year, and the Charter was agreed to be placed at the Msgr. Henry C. Schuyler Council home, located in West Chester -- the County Seat. Temporary Officers were nominated.

Navigator - Vincent Fennell

Scribe - William Dunleavy

Captain - Frank Hemphill

Inside Sentinel - Jim Lyons

Pilot - Alfred Wissert

Outside Sentinel - Gene Forte

Admiral - Joseph McMahon

Trustee - I yr. - Ed Bridge

Comptroller - Ed Jablonski

Trustee - 2yr. - Ivo Henry

Purser - John Morris

Trustee - 3yr. - Wilbur Derr

April 6, 1981

The meeting was called to order by Faithful Navigator, Vincent Fennell at 8:15 PM. The following items/motions were reported and passed.

Two (2) Councils were still not in, so the Worthy Supreme Master is holding things up in New Haven till June. How much money of dues go to the Chalice Fund ?

Motion: $5.00 - Chalice Fund, $5.00 General Fund -- Passed

Motion: Assembly Year July I to June 30. -- Passed

Meeting: One per Month - First Monday except as noted.

All nine (9) Councils in the area will host Conclaves on a rotating basis, others as they join will fill in. The local Fourth Degree Club is host in each Council, and if a rental fee is charged, this money will come from the assembly. One (1) member from each Council will be the coordinator of all things to the assembly. Ed Jablonski is preparing a resolution for Cardinal Dougherty Assembly with a request to transfer money received from the current members to the new assembly chalice fund. There were 13 members representing 5 Councils in attendance at this meeting.

May 4,1981

Charter Members now stand at 15 1. Deadline for Charter members will be 5/6/8 1. Ed Jablonski read a few histories of several people in order to reconsider a new name for the assembly. They were: Msgr. Henry C. Schuyler, Bishop Hugh L. Lamb, Bishop Michael A. Corrigan, and Chester County. After a brief discussion, the general consensus was to keep the name Chester County Assembly as voted upon at the March meeting. The new assembly participated in a flag raising ceremony in Downingtown on July 4th, 1981.

The summaries of the early meeting minutes were sent to the local councils for posting on the bulletin boards so their Fourth Degree members would know what transpired at these initial meetings.